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Program Costs

Program Costs


As outlined, there are four main costs associated with participating on the Pacific Program- (1) Program Charge, (2) Airfare, (3) Tuition and (4) Personal Spending Allowance.  For payment deadlines, please click on "Dates" from the "Program Details" menu.  All payments should be made to the Bursar's Office.


1. 2023 Program Charge has now been set at $9,990.00 USD 

  • The program charge includes all housing, a partial meal plan, ground transportation, insurance (medical, evacuation and repatriation) and all class-affiliated excursions unless states otherwise on the syllabi. 
    The $500.00 deposit required at the time of application is the first payment towards the program fee.
    Program Charge I: $4,745.00 
    Program Charge II: $4,745.00 

2. 2023 Airfare: (>$2,844.00)

Airfare is not included in the program charge to accommodate students wishing to use frequent flyer miles, buddy passes, or alternate departure dates.
Georgia Tech has reserved group flights for the US-NZ and AUS-US legs of the trip as a courtesy for students in the program.  The group flight would depart from LAX in January. Students participating on these international group flights are responsible for getting to LAX to meet the group; this is not included in the group airfare.  The cost for the international group flight is $2355.  
In addition, it is highly encouraged that students participate on the group flights internal to Australia because they contain many legs.  Students not participating on the group flight are responsible for their own ground transportation if their flight does not correspond with the group's.  The 'domestic' internal group flights are priced at $489.  

3. 2023 Estimated Tuition and Fees: $5236

Tuition estimate is based on 12 credits at the current forecasted tuition rates. Tuition will be charged by the Bursar’s Office, not the Office of International Education. Registration for classes will take place during SP23 Phase I registration unless otherwise arranged. All class schedules must be completed and correct by the end of Phase II. Tuition will be due by the Pacific Program's Departure Date; HOPE and financial aid will be disbursed as usual. All students are required to pay the USG & technology fee.
*Students taking 13 or more credit hours should add an additional $341.93 per credit hour. 
Item Full Program
Total Tuition $5129
Technology Fee $107
TOTAL $5236


4. 2023 Personal Expenses: $2,490.00 (Estimate Only)

These expenses will vary, but this estimate includes the cost of books, supplies, and non-covered meals while on the program. This does not include non-program weekend trips, entertainment, or souvenirs.  


Total Estimated Program Expenses: ~$20,000 

If you will be receiving financial aid and/or scholarships to cover the program charge, please obtain an updated award letter from Financial Aid and sign a deferral promissory note (with updated award letter and signed promissory note, the due date of some or all program fees will be delayed to the day that financial aid is disbursed).


2023 Cancellation Fees 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Students who choose not to participate in the program (for any reason, including health emergencies or loss of job in the family) will be subject to the following fee schedule to cover expenses paid on your behalf. The 2023 cancellation policy is as follows:
  • Students cancelling before October 1, 2022 will lose the $500 deposit already paid.
  • Students cancelling on or after November 4, 2022 must pay 50% of the remaining program charge and will lose the $500 deposit already paid.
  • Students cancelling on or after November 21, 2022 must pay 100% of the program charge and will lose the $500 deposit already paid.
Georgia Tech reserves the right to alter (including a change to program fees) or cancel this program due to low enrollment, unavailability of a professor to teach a planned course, or other unforeseen circumstances. If Georgia Tech cancels the entire program before departure or while the program is in progress for reasons beyond its control, such as political unrest or danger to participants’ safety, only those fees that Georgia Tech is able to have refunded by service providers will be returned to participants.
Georgia Tech will determine a date to assess program viability based on the current information available and timing of vendor pre-payments. Georgia Tech will require each program to make a first round of decisions on cancellations before non-refundable program funds are due to vendors. Cancellation before non-refundable funds are due will result in students not losing money paid to their program. After paying non-refundable program expenses to vendors, the standard Georgia Tech study abroad cancellation policy will apply. This policy states that should the program cancel due to circumstances beyond Georgia Tech’s control, only those funds recovered from vendors may be returned to students. Also, Georgia Tech cannot refund personal expenses incurred by students such as costs for visas, airfare, and other items not included in the program charge.