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New Zealand


 Dunedin, New Zealand

The first six weeks of the Pacific Program are based out of Dunedin, New Zealand. Dunedin, located on the southern tip of the South Island, is the capital of the Otago region, with one of the highest populations of students in the country. This small city boasts beaches (including the famous Tunnel Beach), Māori cultural museums, and a vibrant student-life. Nearby, the Otago Peninsula is one of the top locations for spotting seals, penguins, and albatross. While in Dunedin, Georgia Tech has the privilege of studying and living on campus at University of Otago. The university is located in the middle of the city with lots to explore between classes.

While in Dunedin, lectures are held Monday-Thursday, providing students with long weekends to explore New Zealand on their own. Almost one-third of New Zealand is set aside for conservation, making this verdant nation the perfect place to connect with nature, go on hikes, and see natural wonders like you've never seen before.

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Townsville/Magnetic Island 

Study in a coastal city in northeastern Queensland known for being home of Reef HQ, a rescue aquarium of all types of marine species. Offshore, a 25 minute ferry ride takes you to Magnetic Island. Magnetic Island is a national park that is full of wildlife, including a beautiful population of wild koalas.

Live in a mountainous island in Cleveland Bay with easy access to secluded beaches, rugged nature, and historical structures from WWII. Townsville, in contrast, offers a more urban environment without compromising access to the ocean.  

Explore nearby beaches, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and the numerous hiking trails through the national park. Magnetic Island is covered with eucalypt woodlands with several notable bays. Be able to see wildlife up close through guided hikes and conservation parks (you might even get to hold a koala)! 


Heron Island

Study at Heron Island Research Station, with a flexible schedule to allow for plenty of time to explore the Great Barrier Reef and all the beauty it has to offer. Class days and free days will be determined at Heron Island and will be scheduled based on the weather. 

Live on an island that is surrounded by 24-square kilometers of reef and is the home to several nesting spots for green and loggerhead turtles. You will living be with researchers from the University of Queensland, who have an expansive knowledge of all of the species in the area. Among the music of seabirds, tracks of turtles and schools of multi-colored fish, Heron Island is nature at its best!

Explore the expansive stretch of protected reef land with provided snorkeling equipment. You will no doubt get caught up in the timeless evolution of the world’s largest living thing- the Great Barrier Reef! Heron Island boasts some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world.




Study in the most populous city in Australia, nicknamed “the Harbor City”. Attend classes held Monday-Thursday in a classroom at a local university, and after class go to numerous museums in the city to learn about the Aboriginal people and the rich history of the region.

Live in hotel/hostel type accommodations. Venture out to the several distinct neighborhoods of Sydney using the public transit with buses, subways, trains, and ferries. Pre-loaded Opal (transit) cards are given to each student to allow for easy travel around the city.  

Explore a city surrounded by national parks with majestic mountain ranges and the expansive Australian coast. Embark on costal walks, try amazing food and cultural events in Chinatown, visit the famous botanical gardens, explore the famous Opera House or Harbor Bridge, see Aboriginal art, relax on the beach, or go shopping in one of Sydney's numerous shopping malls. There is no shortage of things to do in Sydney!





Fiji- Pacific Harbor


Study in a beautiful lofted classroom at the resort. There are numerous tables and study spots where you can look right out at the beautiful Fiji islands. Class times and free days are changed to accommodate the group’s travel schedule. Students will complete the coursework for their remaining classes and take their final exams.​

Live in Pacific Harbor at a stunning beach-front resort. With the beach just outside your door and the jungle only steps away, there's no shortage of natural beauty or adventure in Fiji. Students can take the bus into Suva to visit the colorful local markets, embark on a guided jungle tour, and experience local cultural events.

Explore the culture and local customs in Fiji. Students will also have opportunities to interact with and serve some of the locals of this beautiful country.  Every year, the Georgia Tech Pacific Program helps the neighboring village of Deuba with numerous service projects, such as painting and repairing the local school. After the hard work is done, Georgia Tech students are able to play games with children and partake in cultural ceremonies to be welcomed as honorary members of the village.


2021 Courses

*these courses are subject to change
2021 New Zealand Courses (6 Weeks):

Course Number


CHEM 2312/2313

Organic Chemistry II​

CHEM 2380

Synthesis Lab​

COE 3001

Mechanics of Deformable Bodies

MSE 2001

Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials

PUBP 2012

Foundations of Public Policy

CS 2701

Startup Lab: Introduction to Technology Ventures

2021 Australia and Fiji Courses (6 Weeks):

Course Number


BIOS 3100

Ecology and Evolution- An Australian Perspective

BIOS 4401

Exp. Design & Applied Statistics

CS 4001*

Computing, Society & Professionalism

APPH 1040

Scientific Foundations of Health

APPH 3801

Special Topics

LMC 2500 Introduction to Film
2020 New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji Courses (12 Weeks):

Course Number


BIOL 2801**

Environmental & Cultural Experiences Abroad


* This class counts as the ethics requirement for most majors. You do not have to be a CS major to take this course.

**This is a 1-credit hour course required for all participants of the program.

Students in the Pacific Program enroll in at least 12 credit hours (no more than 13 hours). One course is offered for the duration of the 12-week period.  Other courses are offered over a 6 week period.  Your course load must be evenly distributed over the course of the program.  For example, a student cannot take all courses in the New Zealand or Australian/Fiji portion.
Georgia Tech reserves the right to alter (including a change to program fees) or cancel this program due to low enrollment, unavailability of a professor to teach a planned course, or other unforeseen circumstances. If Georgia Tech cancels the entire program before departure for reasons within its control, all fees paid by participants will be refunded. If Georgia Tech cancels the program before departure or while the program is in progress for reasons beyond its control, such as political unrest or danger to participants’ safety, only those fees that Georgia Tech is able to have refunded by service providers will be returned to participants.


2021 Before you go.... 



June 1, 2020 Application opens.  APPLY NOW!
October 2020 Study Abroad Fair
October 15, 2020 Scholarship Deadline (Apply here)
November 8, 2020 *Tentative* Group Airfare Payment Deadline
November 15, 2020 First Possible Scholarship Notification
November 15, 2020 First Payment Deadline
November 30, 2020 Second Payment Deadline 
January 2021 Pacific Program 2021 Departure!


**Cancellation Policy**

Students canceling before November 4th Will lose program deposit already paid 
Students canceling after November 4th Must pay 25% of program charge 
Students canceling after November 14th Must pay 50% of program charge 
Students canceling after November 22nd  Must pay 100% of program charge


2021 Pacific Program Dates

*This is a tentative schedule*



January 7, 2021 Group flight departs USA
January 9, 2021 Arrive in Dunedin, New Zealand
February 17-18, 2021 Final Exams for New Zealand Courses
February 19, 2021 Depart Dunedin for Townsville/Magnetic Island, Australia
February 28, 2021 Transit to Heron Island, Australia
March 8, 2021 Transit to Sydney, Australia
March 19, 2021 Transit to Pacific Harbour, Fiji
March 31-April 1, 2021 Final Exams for Australia/Fiji Courses
April 2, 2021 Group flight departs for USA
Flight Itinerary Details 

 Pacific 2020 - Flight Itinerary